Things to Know Before Tying the Knot

Tying the knot is one of the most awaited moments for the bride and it is just natural that she will feel a bit excited and scared at the same time. Being a bride entails so many things. She needs to look good on her wedding day. But not only that, she also needs to be in control of everything that is being planned along the way. Although she hires someone, like a consultant or a wedding planner, she still needs to the person who will be in charge—a decision maker.

Being a bride means responsibility as well. It’s not all about picking dresses and shopping for shoes. It is more than that. To become a smart bride, one should read on things that she needs to know before the wedding day arrives, official source.

Being organized

Getting married needs a great deal of organization. To organize things, the bride needs to write down everything. It is like doing a shopping; one should list everything that needs to be purchased before hitting the mall. Wedding is in a way related to that as well. Each task should be written down so that you one could come up her checklist. Getting a wedding planning book is advisable for brides who wanted to become organized so that even small details will not be missed. List down all the services and vendors that you will need so that you will have a concrete idea what you’re dealing with.

Bridesmaid’s selection

Selecting your bridesmaids is one of the most important things that you should deal with ahead of time. Choose a close family member, friend, colleague or even a distant relative whom one could really count on. The truth is, bridesmaids are the bride’s practical and emotional group. Along the wedding planning, bridesmaids will be there to help you decide so it is important that one should choose them well. Before the wedding date arrives, one could organize a dinner or lunch for them just to show appreciation of what they have accomplished for the bride’s event.

Arranging the ensemble

After choosing the bridesmaids, one should make her final decision regarding the ensemble. It is a difficult process for the bride so the bridesmaids are there to help. If the wedding is around the corner, the order should be placed 6-7 months before the date. One can also hire a stylist to guide on the selection of the correct shoes, dress, veil, gloves, jewelry and many more. When one is planning to hire a professional makeup and hair artist, the service should be reserved ahead of time so there will be non conflicts with other brides.


Every marriage ceremony should have a rehearsal dinner so that everything will be brushed up. It is the perfect time to update everyone regarding his or her placing during the ceremony. The groom and the bride could also take the chance to welcome their guests. Before the date comes, be sure to have finishing touches so that every detail is handled well.

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