A Deeper Look at the Traditional Wedding Veil

All About Wedding Veils

Wedding veils become part of the wedding since the history begun. Many countries use this bridal accessory not only to enhance the beauty of the bride but has deeper root in history. It was said that veils are being used by the brides to keep the womanhood of the bride preserve before she got her first kiss as a wife. There are different types of veils that are available nowadays, from simple and elegant to contemporary and luxurious. In western society white veils are very common. The color symbolizes purity.

All About WeddingWedding veils were used before the traditional wedding dress and was included in the standard wedding attire in the 1900s. There is no clear evidence when it was started but they’ve been used by many women not only in a wedding but even in different ritual and ceremony. Wearing veils become part of tradition. There are religious faiths that require the wearing of wedding veils because it signifies something to their belief. Though there are different points of view when it comes to wearing veil but many religious groups use it as requirement.

In modern days wearing a veil become a trend rather than religious belief. Brides are now has the liberty and freedom to choose their veils in order to express their self. The veil and wedding dress are sometimes the reflection of the personality of the bride. The veil and other accessory become part of fashion industry to some major cities in modern time. In fact wedding designers already set alternative veils for those modern women who want to be stylish and unique.

Though there is the liberty to choose whether the bride will wear a veil or not, there are still a lot of people who believe that wearing a wedding veil is a must. Because they believe that it is bad luck for the groom to see his bride before the exchanging of vows. In some conservative countries, veils are being used to hide the exquisite beauty of the bride from her man until he has earned the right to bask in her beauty by marrying her. White maybe a reflection of purity and virginity of the bride but there are some countries who use red, black and other colors for wedding dress and veils. There is no certain standard on what type and color of the veil should wear. It is the tradition and beliefs that dictates everything.

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