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Preparations Needed For Valid Muslim Marriage

muslim brideElaborate affairs are what you have to be prepared for when it comes to Muslim weddings. This is why for those who do not come from Muslim families who wish to participate to such events; it will surely not be a walk in the park. One useful tip is visiting for Muslim wedding preparations.

When planning for Muslim weddings, there three main things that you should make careful plan for. This first thing would be to be aware and follow the mandatory elements for a Muslim wedding that makes it a valid one. Part of it is the dower which is the marriage terms given by the groom to the bride as a gift.  Any dower is fine as long as there is mutual agreement between the two families.  It will be then written in the kitab al-nikah which is the marriage agreement. A guardian or proxy for the bride is allowed to some Muslims and that is why it is important to ask the mosque’s Imam first. At least two Muslim adults are also needed as witnesses.

Next thing to do is to determine and plan the elements you wish to have for your Muslim wedding. There are many ways on how you can proceed with the ceremony. It could be just signing the marriage agreement at home, office or mosque with the presence of the chosen witnesses.  Or it could even be a grand ceremony with procession. As long as there is the marriage proposal, consent of the bride, groom, and their families and witnesses, and the transfer of dower, it can be considered as a valid Muslim wedding.

Preparing for the wedding feast or the so-called walimah is the next big step. There is no need to worry as it can be a simple from a tea or cake arty to a multi-course meal for the bride, groom, close relatives, and friends. To know more, get in touch with for Muslim wedding details. To make the ceremony enjoyable, you may hire Indian wedding dj.

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