What is the Difference of Wedding Dress With an Open Back Design in a Close Back Dress in San Diego CA

Difference of Wedding Dress with an Open Back Design in a Close Back Dress

wedding dressA lot of brides may ask about the difference of wedding dress with an open back design in a close back dress in San Diego CA. Throughout the years, there is a big change in the style and design of the wedding gowns. Designers, wedding dresses stores in San Diego CA, tailors and those who are in the fashion industry work so hard to offer new ideas and produce a handcraft that shows art, skills, intelligence and hard work. One of the most common design seen in a wedding dress are the open back design and the close back design. So what is the difference between the two?

The close back wedding dress design – this type of design is widely used in church weddings since they are more conservative. It offers minimal exposure of skin and is applicable in church wedding. Vintage wedding dresses are commonly usually have closed back designs. Close back design type of wedding dress allows you to cover the back part of the body. With these, there is no need for the bride to worry about the type of undergarments to use since it will be completely covered.

This type of wedding dress designed is deal at the outdoor wedding or if you’re planning to have a night wedding it will completely help you with chills of the wind.

The open back wedding dress design – this more considered modern since it is a combination of sophistication and sexy. They are best for summer weddings wherein the the weather is hot. They are often available to all bridal stores San Diego CA.

These are the difference between a wedding dress with an open back design and a close back dress in San Diego CA

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