Different Types of Wedding Cupcake Tree in Houston TX

Selection of Wedding Cupcake Tower in Houston TX

Just like with wedding cakes, there are also endless ideas on how you can decorate your wedding cupcake tree in Houston TX. The first thing you have to do is to know the types of cupcake towers. Cupcake towers differ in size varying on how many sweet cupcakes Houston it can hold. But basically, cupcake towers are a series of stacked platforms.

Wedding CakesA cupcake stand could be made from plastic or cardboard. There are simple ones but there are also handcrafted, but you can also make your own. Customized cupcake stands are great options for those who have a unique wedding style and theme.

Big cupcake topper is the type of wedding cupcake tree in Houston TX where you can set cupcakes on every level of a multiple level cupcake stand. The top level is usually empty where you can put a giant frost cupcake and accent fondant designs.

For elegant weddings, tower with cake top is your choice. With this, you can have your cupcake tower topped with a small cake. Other than a small cake, you can also have a cake with two to three layers.

Flower cupcakes are the best choice for a spring wedding. In addition to that, this type of cupcake tower can provide a brighter atmosphere to your reception. To make the colors of the flowers stand out, you can use butter cream or fondant for your cupcakes. Pastel colors also work best for this. You can also add real flowers on the sidelines.

For tiny cakes, customized cupcake toppers will do. Handmade designs will make your cupcake tower look more personalized and creative. You can do a research about do-it-yourself ways on how you can create your own wedding cupcake stand. If you don’t have enough time, better focus on easy decorations but with more personality.

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