How Your Out-Of-Town Guests Can Save Money in Going to Your Wedding Day?

3 Simple Tips to Helping Them Cut Expenses

If you are going to have a wedding outside of your town, you need to make sure that your guests are okay with it. It can be quite a demanding situation when you send out your invitations that it will cost them too much by traveling. You need to know the things that will help them save a lot when you have a destination wedding in mind. Here are just a few of the tips that will help you and your wedding guests save a lot for your upcoming out of town wedding day:

Reserve a Block of Rooms with a Discounted Room Rate

Why don’t most couples get a block of hotel rooms at hotels? It is because they fear having to put up a large deposit to secure the rooms. They also fear losing the deposit if all the rooms are not reserved under the block. What they don’t know is that they can request something called a courtesy room block at most hotels. The advantage of a courtesy room block is that you get discounted room rates without having to put down a deposit of any kind. And you won’t be held responsible for unused rooms either. Whether you reserve a wedding room block online or call hotels individually, ask about getting a complimentary room block rather than a traditional one. When looking at hotels, give preference to the kind that offers free breakfast, and free wifi.

Get Free Shuttle Service to Wedding Venue and Airport

Another way to save money is by booking a hotel that provides complimentary shuttle service to your wedding venue. Providing free transportation to the wedding venue will save guests from having to pay for a car rental, gas, and insurance. In addition, guests won’t have to worry about selecting a designated driver. To find out which hotels offer complimentary shuttle service, simply ask someone at your wedding venue. They deal with hotels all the time and know which ones offer shuttle service for wedding guests.

Set Up Share A Room For Single Guests

Want to help your wedding guests cut their lodging costs in half? Send out an email to your single guests asking if they would be interested in sharing a room. As you get responses, start pairing people up, cutting their lodging expenses in half. In some cases, we have even seen four people share a room, saving even more money. Traveling to a wedding can be quite expensive, leading many guests no option other than to decline the invite. By following some of the advice in this article, you will help lower the cost to attend your wedding. It will also lower the number of people that will frown when they open your wedding invite.

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