Opinion of other culture in Henna tattoo for Indian wedding

Culture in Henna tattoo for Indian wedding

What is the opinion of other culture in Henna tattoo for Indian wedding? Many people say that Mehndi or Henna tattoo for Indian wedding is cool. Also, some might disagree with that. Just so other people know about Mendhi, it is not just a design for their body. It has meaning and symbol that only Hindus know a lot of it. In some articles in history books, for them, it is a symbol of luck. A practice and a ritual before they celebrate a wedding party and a festival.

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For an ordinary person or a typical person just like us, who knew not so much about Mehndi, we can say that it is an expression of what they were born from. A ritual that is done in every big event that happen in an Indian culture. It became a tradition that they adopt from their past. Just like other culture. They live their life with the rituals that their ancestors taught them and handed over. We have no right to give any rude opinions of other culture in Henna tattoo for Indian wedding. However, they also give ideas of designs and new creation for our tattoo artist.

Anyone can create their own Mehndi. Anyone can apply henna tattoos in their body. We can use tattoos as an expression. For sure, people will have views on that. They might think about maybe good or bad thoughts to that, but what is wrong if you are only expressing yourself? What will happen to are right that we called freedom of expression? It is just the same for henna tattoos in a Hindu wedding. People will comment, but its their freedom of expression and it is very symbolic to them.

There are some Hindu wedding that provide henna as Indian wedding favors.

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