Questions to Ask When Hiring Wedding Catering Service in Sacramento

Picking The Most Suitable Catering Service

Picking the right wedding catering in Sacramento, CA is one of the most important decisions you will make in your wedding planning process. The success of the wedding reception doesn’t just depend on the venue but also the food and beverages that will be serve during the celebration.


Below are some questions that you may ask to any caterers that you may consider for your wedding:


  • What are your recommendations when it comes to budget and style of wedding? How much do you charge per person? It is important that you will discuss your allotted budget for the catering Sacramento California in this case the caterer will know if they can accommodate your budget for a particular menu. Bear in mind that caterer usually charges on a per-person basis which means that you need to be specific on the numbers of your guests which means that you need to submit the exact number of guests that will be present during the celebration before the deadline that was set by the caterer.
  • What are cuisines that you specialize? Do you offer flexible menu for a certain budget? Do you offer veggies for vegan guests?It is crucial that you are particular with the kind of food that you want to serve during the wedding. However you should also be considerate if the budget of yours is impossible to pick a particular menu. Find a caterer that offer affordable price with flexible menu. Ask for alternative foods that will fit not only to your taste but also to the guests. Don’t forget to take a picture as remembrance to the wedding party.
  • Do you have other weddings to be catered for the same weekend or the day and time? Be sure that your caterer will only cater your wedding within the day this will assure you that they are focus on the details that you need for the party. If incase that they have other weddings to be cater during the day of your wedding make sure that you will come up with agreement with the sign of both client and wedding catering in Sacramento, CA.
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